Rule With An Iron Fist

Texas Senator Giovanni Capriglione doesn’t get it. How he got into office is beyond comprehension. The Senator has it in his mind that Texas Senator Wendy Davis should reimburse the state for the cost of the 2nd special session that allowed Texas to enact draconian abortion restrictions.

Let’s review, Governor Perry has now called 3 special sessions at a cost of 2.4 million dollars to taxpayers. Republicans in the Texas legislature have a supermajority, meaning they can pass anything they want with little opposition. The only way to combat the super-majority is to stage day long filibusters. Wendy Davis, to protect women’s rights, staged a 13 hour filibuster to block an abortion bill. Senator Capriglione wants Senator Davis to foot the bill for the 2nd special session because she didn’t allow the super-majority to flex their muscles.

Basically, the Texas Legislature was going to pass draconian abortion restrictions, come hell or high water.  Senator Capriglione doesn’t agree with allowing an inconvenience like democracy get in the way.


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