To understand the immigration debate, you have to consider the issues surrounding your own country that are unrelated to immigration; crime, women’s rights, poverty, corruption, wage scales, access to adequate medical care, homicide, prostitution, etc.  With little to no access to information, or an inability to gain access due to unforgiving wages and work schedules, […]

The end of net neutrality opens the door to proprietors of misinformation.  Given that internet service providers now have the power to price select demographics out of, or away from, non-partisan authorities, the bane of modern corruption (a limitless supply of information) will wither away.  The decision by Verizon and other telcos to push for […]

The RNC recently voted to move their national convention to June.  What this does is grants their presidential candidate the gift of time to allow their extremist promises to fade into oblivion while they prepare for the general election.  As well, it rewards the candidate with more time to accumulate funding and to perfect their […]

In the case of Allan Levene, you have a man whose sole purpose is to secure a congressional seat. Mr. Levene is running for congress in 4 different states, which essentially translates to a candidacy where the platform is geared towards indulging in the lavish perks of a Congress member, rather than experiencing and understanding […]

In the case of the Texas woman, Marlise Munoz who lies brain-dead on life support and pregnant, we are hearing the argument that the woman never had the discussion with her spouse on what to do in the event that she were found both dead and pregnant. Pro-life advocates argue that because the woman did […]

Ever wonder what happens when taxes go down? They re-incarnate as public service fees. In other words, traffic tickets increase, public transportation costs increase, tolls increase, ambulance usage fees appear, fire department fees show up (see those Tenneseeans whose homes burned to the ground), etc. In any case, the debate about lowering or raising taxes comes […]

The NRA has vehemently defended gun owners and gun rights, rationalizing that the true problem with mass murders is a result of violent video games and romanticized gun violence in other entertainment outlets. Frankly, the Federal government should implement more restrictive practices and go so far as to launch a campaign to educate parents of […]